Multi-Purpose Ultrasonic Solution

The Multi-Purpose Ultrasonic solution is a safe formulation that can be used on an extensive variety of materials without causing damage. Specific materials which require a delicate solution include aluminum tools, carbide instruments, and diamonds. The Ultrasonic Solution does not need to be rinsed.* The solution contains a rust inhibitor which makes this solution ideal for carbide tools and burs. Ultrasonic Multi-Purpose Solution contains no harmful chemicals such as Phosphates and Chlorine, which are aggressive/corrosive to stainless steel tanks. Health Sonics solution is formulated to protect equipment and is environmentally Safe and Biodegradeable.

Health Sonics Ultrasonic Solution

Product Number Price
350-050 Quart $342.00 - 12 quarts per case
350-060 Gallon $374.00 - 4 gallons per case

Note: All prices subject to change without notice *2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the dilution ratio for water/solution?

A: 40-1 (ex. For every 40oz of water/1oz of solution) for normal use. Conversion charts for make/models are available through customer service. Higher concentrations can be used.

Q: Should the instruments be rinsed or dried after cleaning in solution?

A: No it is not necessary to rinse or dry an instrument after proper cleaning. If rinsed before being placed in the sterilizer, rust-inhibitor will be removed. Follow only recommendations for sterilizer manufacturer to not void warranty (this is only for sterilizers which use vacuum pumps since water molecules will damage the high speed impeller)

Q: How long should the instruments soak in the solution?

A: Only 5-10 minutes. Unless using cassettes, double the cleaning time. Instruments should be removed immediately to ensure minerals and debris are not redeposited. The solution does contain an emulsifier to ‘trap’ molecules and not allow them to attach to any other surface.

* Follow the manufacturers recommendation. Rising will remove the rust inhibitor.